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Mumbai apartment

Location: Mumbai , India.
55 sqm Studio Apartment


Our goal was to create a comfortable living area with all the necessary amenities, while ensuring the space remains functional. Despite the challenge of limited living area, we also aimed to make the space as user-friendly as possible. We believe that keeping the user experience as simple as possible can greatly improve the quality of life for its inhabitants.

Sometimes, small spaces like studio apartments can feel even smaller if they are over-designed. To avoid this, we chose a minimalist design style, focusing on function and simplicity over excess decoration. Neutral color palettes and simple lines create a feeling of spaciousness, resulting in a more comfortable and efficient living environment for young professionals.

Throughout the design process, we aimed to blend Indian culture and the context of the Bandra neighborhood, while incorporating the stunning view of the sea into a contemporary and fashionable design language. This is achieved through the use of neutral color palettes, materials such as wood, concrete, and stone, as well as the selection of unique furniture pieces. In addition, we integrated sustainable materials into the design process. For example, we used Resin floor, an environmentally friendly material, to maintain a minimalistic look by eliminating any tile spacing. Its sandy color, combined with the sea view, creates a beach-like feeling, while also being a sustainable choice.

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